Power Places Tours Reviews

Power Places Tours Reviews

This website contains evidence pointing to a major ethics scandal at Power Places Tours and involving Gregg Braden.

Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden

In 2012 I was threatened with defamation for telling the truth about Power Places Tours.

power places tours

Naturally I would never accept that kind of control over what I say. As yet I have not been sued although many other people are now coming forward with similar accounts of being cheated, bullied and having their monies withheld under false pretences.

His press office stated in 2013 (as reproduced below) that there was no scandal but there is. He has a working interest in the company in that he promotes their tours and receives commissions (in the form of free trips) for doing so.

From: SSAWBraden@aol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 13:45:40 -0500
Subject: Re: GreggBraden.com Comment
To: RAWVEGAN@HOTMAIL.COMDear Mr. Spirit,Yes, we have worked with Power Places Tours in the past, as well as other companies, that offer similar kinds of services, and have trips scheduled with them now.Facts:
· There is no “scandal” as characterized in your email of 11/20/2013
· Power Places Tours is not Gregg’s tour company, as characterized in your email, nor has it ever been. He has no working interest or ownership in any respect to the company, nor has he ever
· Unless someone chooses to share with him personally, he has no way of knowing anything about Power Places dealings with other speakers
· Gregg does not see their agreements and contracts
· They do not discuss the terms with him
· He’s not part of their office, staff or directorshipGregg is an independent author and speaker and has enlisted the services of Power Places Tours, as well as other travel companies, to arrange the logistics for trips that he leads. He simply works with them as a speaker just as a number of other authors and speakers have done over the years. When it comes to this company, Gregg would not work with them if he did not trust them and have good experiences. His groups trust him, and he trusts PPT because they have earned his trust in many trying situations over the years.
What Gregg Braden’s press office did not admit is that Power Places Tours resolve trying situations by intimidating people that speak the truth. He also stands by whilst people are defrauded out of money after paying to see him on tour and are then dragged through the legal system having unfair charges levelled against them.

He also continues to endorse the company – in his words:-

“Power Places™ Tours your willingness to create new adventures and your commitment to take such good care of us we consider among the great blessings in our lives. You have made it possible for us to open up some of the world’s most sacred sites to the eyes and hearts of many of those who trust us to guide them there. I consider your support staff the finest in the industry”
Gregg Braden

Source www.powerplaces.com

However, given the sheer amount of testimony, reviews and evidence pointing to serious ethical wrongdoing – this is clearly not the case.

In recent times it has been suggested that Power Places Tours would take any measures to locate me and stop me from speaking/writing. These reviews are here for your information so that you can see what kind of conduct Power Places Tours is involved in AND so that you do not lose money signing up for one of their tours.

Power Places Tours hid their Google reviews from the public.

You can see them here. https://plus.google.com/108145800986932443437/about

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